Aleris is one of Scandinavia’s leading private healthcare providers with a versatile offering of specialist care and diagnostic services. Through approx. 100 facilities, Aleris aims to provide a person-oriented and seamless healthcare journey for all individuals seeking care – either physically or through its digital offering.

Aleris aims to be an innovative, high-quality care provider, offering a seamless healthcare and care journey, to provide an opportunity for a better and healthier life for all customers.

The high quality of its services, in combination with successful business growth, has given Aleris a strong market position in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The ambition is to be a long-term partner to the public care and healthcare system, supporting both as a supplement and as an integrated party. A productive cooperation between private and public providers should encourage constant evolution, along with new approaches to traditional care services that will support changing conditions like demographics and customer requirements.

Aleris is committed to delivering high-quality care, always with the individual in focus. The company strives to improve customers’ quality of life by designing care procedures that are tailored to minimize treatment time, enhance outcomes and strengthen customer involvement. This approach is reflected within all business areas. Aleris Cancer Center in Oslo, Norway, has successfully managed to reduce the time between the indication of an illness to a correct diagnosis from 16 weeks to one day. To achieve this, the center has gathered all of the required cancer expertise and screenings in one location, thereby minimizing the wait for a person waiting for a diagnosis.

Within elderly and psychiatric care, Aleris, in collaboration with Vectura, develops its own homes, designed to meet the specific needs of residents and caregivers. Innovation is a cornerstone of Aleris’ business model, and new technology is increasingly used to improve services and enhance quality of life for everyone involved in the care process.

Since Aleris was acquired in 2010, the company has achieved strong growth, both organically and through acquisitions.

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