“Every person with a disability has the right to have his or her handicap compensated as far as possible by aids with the same technical standard as those we all use in our everyday lives”. This was the firm belief of the Swedish doctor and inventor Per Uddén when he founded the advanced rehabilitation solution provider Permobil, more than 50 years ago. The ambition to increase the life quality for the users is still the heart and soul of Permobil.

Advanced rehab mobility solutions are not only key components that improve the quality of life for people with functional disabilities, but also an essential part of medical treatment. The complex and special nature of rehab technology demands substantial investments in research and development, which is at the core of Permobil’s business. All chairs from Permobil are built to order and designed to cater to the specific medical needs of the individual. In the endeavor to build top-quality powered and manual wheelchairs, Permobil constantly strives to innovate. In doing so the company is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, resulting in many “firsts” in the industry.

Today, Permobil’s products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. North America and Europe are its largest markets, but Permobil is proud that its innovative solutions are being made available to more and more disabled people around the world.

While Permobil has been growing strongly on its own, it has made two major acquisitions during recent years to complement its offering within advanced rehabilitation. Through the acquisitions of Tilite (2014) and Roho (2015), Permobil added active manual wheelchairs, skin protection and seating solutions to its product offering.

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