Vectura was established in 2012 with the purpose of building a business of care facilities in partnership with Aleris, and to efficiently manage and own real estate utilized by Investor AB and Grand Hôtel.

Vectura has built several care properties for Aleris, and has a strong pipeline of attractive projects that will be developed for accelerated growth. Vectura is working in a partnership with its customers towards ”the next generation” of care facilities in order to enable continuous improvement of the quality and effectiveness of care. In addition, Vectura sees great potential in industrializing the construction process. The focus going forward is on the accelerated development of care facilities, as well as active and efficient management of the existing portfolio.

Vectura has a long-term perspective and the ambition to provide superior and sustainable real estate solutions for customers and tenants. By offering high-quality properties and being a reliable and long-term partner, Vectura enables its customers to focus on their core competencies. Efficient real estate development and management result in well-adapted properties that support value creation for Vectura’s customers.

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Patricia Industries ownership (capital/votes): 100/100  |  Initial investment year: 2012