The company's founder Ralph Braun, is a perfect example of the saying “necessity is the mother of invention.” Being disabled himself, he was committed to creating better solutions to improve mobility and independence for wheelchair users. The result was the invention of the first motorized scooter and the first wheelchair van lift.

Founded with only a handful of employees in Winamac, Indiana, but with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a commitment to improve the lives of people with disabilities, the company has thrived for close to 50 years. Today, BraunAbility is the market leader in automobile mobility products for people with disabilities, and among the innovations is the first SUV for people with disabilities. BraunAbility has one of the largest product portfolios, an extensive dealer network and by far the largest market share. The original handful of employees has, over the years, grown to over a thousand and the company now offers a portfolio of complex products. Ralph built the company focusing on quality, safety and innovation – still the cornerstones of the business.

Today, BraunAbility is proud to provide freedom, mobility and independence to millions of wheelchair user across the globe, and will continue to create new, high-quality products that allow people with physical disabilities to participate fully and actively in life. Patricia Industries acquired BraunAbility in September 2015.

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Patricia Industries ownership (capital/votes): 92/92  |  Initial investment year: 2015