Every day, patients around the world suffer physically and emotionally from acute and chronic wounds. These wounds can be hard-to-heal, difficult to treat and costly to manage. Mölnlycke works with patients, caregivers and healthcare systems to reduce the burden of these wounds through innovative solutions for prevention, to promote faster healing and better quality of life


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Mölnlycke, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a world-leading specialist provider and innovator of single-use wound care and surgical products. It has a long history of challenging the status quo and, through innovation, create advanced wound care products that reduce the healing time and suffering of patients. This approach has made Mölnlycke the market leader within advanced wound care dressings. In addition, Mölnlycke is a pioneer in the field of dressings and other products for the prevention of wounds, such as pressure ulcers. Mölnlycke also makes the operating room more efficient with innovative and safe surgical solutions. Cutting-edge and cost-efficient products have made Mölnlycke the company it is today.

Over the years the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that characterizes Mölnlycke has resulted in an R&D-department that is committed to bringing new, innovative products to the market. Also, demographic factors, such as an aging population and an increase in surgical procedures, have created a greater demand for high-quality medical products. This has in turn resulted in growth and improvements further reinforcing our offering to the market. Mölnlycke has grown strongly since it was acquired over the years. Successful acquisitions have also been made to complement the product offering.



In 2021, Mölnlycke reorganized into four business areas focused on meeting customer needs. Wound Care, Operating Room Solutions, Gloves and Antiseptics now have end-to-end responsibilities for their business.

Mölnlycke’s strategic approach is built on customer insights and sets out a new direction that will take us to 2025. We have identified customer centricity, digitalization and sustainability as our three corporate strategic priorities.

Mölnlycke successfully launched Avance Solo, a battery-powered negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system in 2021. Avance Solo is a breakthrough for patients who need NPWT, giving them more mobility and freedom while managing exudate effectively and supporting healing.

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Patricia Industries

About us

About us

Patricia Industries is a long-term owner that invests in companies and works to develop each company to its full potential. Patricia Industries is a part of the industrial holding company Investor AB, whose main owner is the Wallenberg Foundations.

Our Way of Working

Our Way of Working

We own Nordic and North American companies in industries that we know well, and where we have a relevant network of key people who can contribute their expertise.

Our companies

Our Companies

Our family of companies consists of wholly-owned subsidiaries, partner-owned companies and legacy financial investments.



Patricia Industries is a part of Investor AB, Northern Europe’s largest industrial holding company, which is publically listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The main owners of Investor AB are the Wallenberg Foundations, controlling 50 percent of the votes.

Patricia Industries in short

Patricia Industries in short

What we do is really a continuation of what the Wallenberg family has been doing ever since André Oscar Wallenberg founded Stockholm’s Enskilda Bank in Sweden in 1856 – actively supporting the development of companies globally.



Great companies are built by great people. It is our firm belief that leadership and individuals make all the difference.


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Patricia Industries develops companies – in the Nordics and North America – and our team of professionals work at our two offices.