Yuriy Prilutskiy

Head of Patricia Industries North America



Yuriy is Head of Patricia Industries North America since February 2021. Yuriy has been at Patricia Industries North America since its inception in 2015. He joined Investor AB in 2010 as an investment professional focusing on healthcare investing in North America.

Yuriy led the acquisitions of Advanced Instruments (2020) and Sarnova (2018) as well as multiple add-on acquisitions including Laborie’s acquisitions of Clinical Innovations (2020) and Cogentix Medical (2018) and Sarnova’s acquisition of Digitech (2020). He has also been involved with multiple past investments in public and private biopharmaceuticals and medical technology through Investor Growth Capital.

Yuriy currently serves on the boards of Advanced Instruments, Digitech, GI Supply, Laborie, Sarnova and Urotronic, as well as several of Investor Growth Capital’s healthcare and technology venture capital investments.  Prior to joining Investor AB, Yuriy worked at JPMorgan and Bank of America, where he focused on the biopharmaceuticals industry.

E-mail: yuriy.prilutskiy[at]investorab.com